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 is an environmental organization with its roots in university students. It is a pioneer organization among local grassroot environmental non-governmental organizations. Green Point provides environmental education services for governmental, business and non-governmental organizations. The main values of Green Point are to work with a responsible attitude and innovative thinking, propose individual development and improvement, and pursue a balanced relationship between human development and the environment.
June,2009 Organized large-scale public activity – “Jun 5 World Environmental Day Green sight the Community”—held by Center of China Environmental Protection Education and Communication, Chinese Peasants' and Workers' Democratic Party Guangdong Committee, Guangdong Environmental Protection Office, Guangzhou Liwan People’s Government  
May,2009 Program “Society Growth Plan” gained support from Rockefeller Fund
April,2009 Held 10th Guangdong College Environmental Association Meeting in South China Agricultural University
April,2009 Held the Election for Guangdong Environmental Association Excellent (Outstanding) Activities in 2008
April,2009 Co-launched (Co-conducted) “Consultation for the Establishment of National Green Schools”with Guangzhou Nanhai Middle School
March,2008 Co-launched (Co-conducted) “Consultation for the Establishment of Green Community” Program with Yuexiu Environmental Protection Agency
February,2008 Office Moved to Liying Square at Xin Gang Zhong Road, Haizhu District
December,2008 Held the 9th Guangdong College Environmental Association Meeting in South China Normal University
1st September,2008 Cooperated and signed the“Establishment Contract of Green Schools Consulting Service”with a primary school(GP’s fist cooperation with primary schools)
5th July,2008 Cooperated for the first time with Media Company – “The tribune about Lop Nur ’s exploration trip by Uni-President Green Tea and ecological footprint”
7th April,2008 Successfully being offered fund for Program of < Education for Guangzhou Environmental Education and Communication Volunteer College Student Teachers (the first fund for GP)
15th December,2007 Granted employment letters to the first (force of) core volunteers
1st December,2007 Held Launching Ceremony of Guangdong Environmental Pictures Traveling Show at Guangzhou.(GP’s first large-scale outdoor activity)
29th October,2007 Successful held “ Green Pathfinders Forum”(GP’s first hosting event)
October,2007 Sent members at the first time to attend the 2007 Chinese Environmental Non-government Organization Sustainably Development Meeting
16th October,2007 Signed the project contract with Hongkong The Friend of Earth (GP’s first project contract)
29th September,2007 Registered and Established
31st August,2007ad Moved into Fuying International Building

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